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TactiCool Community Partnership Program (TCPP)

Community Involvement: We understand the importance of community support and we thank you for considering TactiCool while planning your fundraising event. TactiCool Community Partnership Program Fundraising programs are provided exclusively to assist groups and organizations who are raising funds to benefit the types of causes listed below. The Community Partnership Program Fundraising pricing structure reflects TactiCool's commitment to helping our communities and is not designed to provide discounted pricing to individuals or groups to use our products for personal gain and/or commercial profit or for any purpose other than those described below.

Both for-profit organizations and not-for-profit organizations may be approved to conduct a TactiCool Community Partnership Program Fundraiser when the Fundraiser proceeds will be fully used to benefit a group/cause that is one of the following types (verification required for approval):

  • EDUCATIONAL – proceeds are being used to support a school or educational institution or a school-related organization (e.g., club/student/parent group; athletics; band/choral; school equipment; student development; scholarships).
  • RELIGIOUS – proceeds are being used to support faith-based activities or church-related organizations (e.g., youth group; missions; benevolent programs; building fund; congregational support).
  • CHARITABLE – proceeds are being used to support a registered 501(c) charitable organization.
  • COMMUNITY – proceeds are being used to support community-based activities devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes and not for individual or commercial gain.
  • ALL OTHER POLICE, MILITARY, AND FIRST RESPONDER related organizations legitimately established for community support and not for individual or commercial gain.

For additional details please email us directly at: