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Do BAMFs Do Selfies? They Do Now

Posted by TactiCool News on

Well, sort of. We're not talking about holding your phone in your hand, pointing it at your duck-face lips. We're talking about something we all love to do: Check out our own golf swing. And the new BAMF Golf Bag just made it a LOT easier.

Maybe your swing is already sweet and you just like watching it. If so, get on with your BAMF self. Or maybe your friends compare you to Charles Barkley every time you're on the tee box.

 Either way, it's fun. And if you're trying to legitimately get better, recording your swings can be a major part of fixing your issues. Lucky for BAMFs like you and me, we had the brilliant idea of adding a row of diagonal  MOLLE webbing to the new BAMF bag. And now it's ridiculously simple.

First, get a phone mount. We like this one. Or maybe you're a GoPro kinda guy? This works just as well. Set your BAMF Golf Bag up on its stand legs like you normally would, about 10 feet away from the ball. Slap the mount on that diagonal MOLLE. Slap your phone (or GoPro) on the mount. Press record.

Now your hands are free to annihilate that ball. Or, if it's your asshole uncle's turn to hit, you can now deploy silly string with one hand and an air horn with the other. Or toss a handful of tees AND a cupful of sand in the air while your buddy is in the middle of his Barkley-esque backswing.

However you use it, it works. Perfect height, perfect angle.

Speaking of perfect, have you SEEN the BAMF Golf Bag 2.0? This entire post is about only ONE of its many, many features that make it the baddest bag on the planet. You'll soon see why it captured the hearts of and and and GolfGearWeekly and so many other people.

Disclaimer: This message is intended for BAMFs, not for people who prefer "regular" golf bags. You know, the lame, shiny, neon, plastic brand billboards that loudly proclaim allegiance to companies that only care about clubs, balls, and dollar signs.